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Yes, this is a gallery of art that I hate. It is by the Clown Girl, that boy, and people like you. Since you feel stupidly compelled to look at all of this, here it is for you to see and look at. Go ahead and stare, now. Make sure you know FOR CERTAIN that there are NO FEET for me!!

I hate you.


This stooopid drawing of me and the Clown Girl was drawn by Shay Caron, who decided to MOCK ME WITH A FEET RELATED ART!! Also he draws the ComiCollage. He cannot handle doing it himself, so he has six other people help him.  Ha ha, I laugh at him he is stoopid.

Hm...this is not too bad of a likeness of me...

Here it is, a comic of me and the Clown Girl (see--she tortures me!) conceived by Maus and Nobu at Past Dark, a comic which I hate.  Look!  Look how the Clown Girl, she tortures me with the string and her feet.

I hope Maus does not mind I made the comic two layers to fit on the page...oh, wait--no, I do not hope anything to ease her suffering.  I hate her.  If I suffer, then she suffers.

Look! Do you see! See how William McDuff MOCKS me and my lack of feet!  He smiles, content in the fact that HE has feet and I have NONE.  He has even made himself a silly shirt to wear, mocking me in painful ways.

Truly: I SUFFER.

The fanart comes from Marcus Cole, a person which I hate very much and lots.  He felt inspired to MOCK THE CAT WITH NO FEET after reading the advertisement and thinking of me in bad, derisive ways.

I throw hate into his corner of the world. Now I must go mock the Clown Girl for having NO HAIR.


It is true, I hate HBomb so much, so at least he got this right in the drawing. Otherwise, I mock his artistic prowess! He did not draw the whiskers!! Otherwise it does not look completely unlike something resembling myself.

And I shoot jagged shards of hate at him for the bad bad pun! HATE!

Insert the lame fanart which I hate in this place, which I also hate. Okay, there was a fanart from Katie J, where I was shouting at the Unicorn Jelly. The image it was corrupted, and I think maybe I saved a hologram over it on purpose because I hated it so much. It is this, or maybe the Clown Girl spilled Tang on the image file. She needs to send it to me again.

You see how cool I am: my holograms appear in the margins of people's notes! This notes is the Esso book belonging to William McDuff (yes, you see him above with the HORRID TEE SHIRT). It is not entirely bad to know my holograms appear in his margins to hate him on behalf of me for the tee shirt. He does not deserve the feet he has.
Dees_catballfanart.JPG (30310 bytes) Ah, you see! The Clown Girl she all the time tells me I am paranoid, but is true, as the evidence from Dee's own email which came attached with the mocking fanart to the left: her FEET! She says this:

My fanart is, indeed, a picture of
my feet with Catball and Clown Girl drawn on them. I mock Catball's no-feetfulness while still paying homage to him! Muahahaa!

I am right! All you people with feet, you mock me! Idly, I wonder how it is she scanned only her feet.

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