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From the creators of JoBeth! A new strip that makes no sense whatsoever because it's a total in-joke! A cat with no feet. A psychotic girl who hides her murder victims inside clown suits. This is their story.

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Yes, is solid week of comic updates as revenge on Dee for the hurtful mocking fanart!

Thursday , January 4 , 2007


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Here is the photo of me and my stooopid assistant, the Clown Girl:

See how I suffer? I SUFFER.

I am hating Maus and Nobu right now, and their comic Past Dark. Also I hate Kathryn and Josh, for they make people come here to laugh at the CAT WITH NO FEET!!!  I refer to myself of course, so you do not ask me the dumb questions.


It is January 4,  2007: Today I hate you.

I am the Catball. Fear me, for I have no feet. This is a comic strip that I hate, and it is about me and my stooopid assistant, the Clown Girl. I hate her.

At the moment I am hating Marcus Cole, for he has sent the wrongful Dyna-Man-like drawing!

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